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Camino de Santiago

Has anyone traveled the Camino de Santiago? I was thinking of doing the Camino Portugues since I have a good friend in Porto. Any input would be great!

Ben's Inn
Bar in Valencia, Spain

10 Days in Barcelona?

Around February we are trying to take a ten-day trip to Barcelona. We are thinking though that the entire trip won’t be spent in Barcelona. I lived in Cadiz for 6 months so we had thought about going and visiting my family there, or perhaps taking a train to Madrid and splitting the time between Barcelona & Madrid.

Any suggestions?

Lisbon to Prague Help!!!

Hello all!

I am currently planning a trip next year with 3 other friends and needed some advice to aid the planning
The trip is already published on my profile and would like to know:
1. Good day trips from city?
2. Good places to stay, and cheap?
3. Cheap places to have a bite to eat?
4. Any tips for travelling in these cities and in between?
5. And any Itinarary changes you would make to the plan?

Thanks alot for your help its greatly appreciated !!!!!


So we, my friend and i, are going for a month through Europe. We have slimmed it down a lot…she really wants to go into morocco…mainly shes thinking tangier since its right there. We are 24, both speak fluent spanish, a bit of Portuguese and she speaks fluent french. I am a little worried after reading about tangier…we will be traveling just us two. Is it worth it? How long is the ferry ride? Is there another option with in a similar time frame of 1-2 days. Or should we skip it. We are trying to pin down our must see cities. Any thoughts will help. Thanks!

Running of the brides...


I can’t wait to head to the running of the bulls next year (if I can persuade my boyfriend to come with me to visit Spain from the US…he hates to fly…argh, but maybe I can persuade him with sangria) and to see this crazy event. My friend is getting married in Boston soon and went to buy a wedding dress at an event they called the Running of the Brides.

6-7 Days in France and Spain


I am newbie to this forum. I am visiting UK in October for 2 weeks. I will stay with friends in UK and we are planning to go for 6-7 days in France, Spain and even Portugal.

I am looking for suggestion on my trip and transportation. Here is my initial idea:

1. Fly from London to Paris, spend 2 days
2. Take train from Paris to Barcelona, spend 2 days
3. Take train from Barcelona to Madrid, spend 2 days
4. Take train from Madrid to Lisbon, spend 1 day
5. Fly from Lisbon to London

Shall I buy a regional train pass? Any other interesting places along the journey?

Planning Group Eurotrip, Help Please!!!

Hi everybody.
My friends and I are planning a eurotrip and we need help finding private rooms at either hostels or apartments that can house from 4 to 6 people. We are going to Prague, Berlin, Paris, and Barcelona, and we plan to stay 6 or 7 nights in each place. If anyone knows of any comfortable places where we can stay in private with our own bathroom, could you please recomend? I appreciate it.
P.S.—We may want to bring women back with us at the end of a nice night, so preferably a place that looks half decent.


2-3 week trip and hopefully seeing lots !

Basically I have 2-3 weeks to try and see as much as I can without be blind sighted by Europe ! I wanna know what would be the best destinations- most plausible and as many as you see fit for this time frame. I’ve heard 3 cities but I like to seemore than that while I“m there. I don’t need to conquer the city per say maybe just spend 2 or 3 days given what the city has to offer. PLEASE PLEASE HELP THIS IS MY FIRST OVER ! I don’t see getting this amount of time off work again for some time and want to make it worth my wild ! – Thanks
Jamie Wink