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Spain - Ibiza - Portugal

Hi! I’m fairly new at traveling. In fact, I’ve never traveled outside outside the US. All help would be appreciated. Smile

Planning a 11 day trip at the end of June to the first week of July. In my mid 20’s seeking history & architecture, lots of time by bodies of water (not necessary laying on the beach), and a little partying. I’m from NYC, so I really rather be outdoors than indoors (Musuems are too confining.


Help Required !
We are planning a 15 day trip to Europe in Early September. The countries and cities in our wish list are Italy ( Venice , Florence ) ; France ( Paris and some nearby areas ) ; Germany ( Hamburg , Munich ) and Spain ( Madrid , Barcelona ) .
Now the problem – we are aware that all these cant be done in 15 days ! What would you recommend our agenda should be ; and also is September the right time to travel ?
Look forward to your comments !Smile


Hey there fellow travelers,

My husband is graduating law school in February of 2009, I’m surprising him with a 3 week trip in Europe. My plan is to do Ireland for a week and then take Ryan Air to Lisbon to spend two weeks in Portugal/Spain.

Can anyone suggest an itinerary or some must see places? Also, do you suggest getting some kind of train pass.

Thanks and happy travels.

Anyone know a good place to stay in Ibiza?

I’m heading for ibiza the first week on june seeing if anyone knows a good place to stay thats reasonably cheap. I guess i dont really care how nice it is as long as its close to bars/clubs. thanks

Where to go in Spain?

My best friend and I are planning a Eurotrip from May25-June25. When will be going from Italy to Spain, I was thinking of taking the train from Rome to Barcelona through France. Here are my two questions:

1. Is it reasonable to take that train ride? I have gotten the eurail 4 country selectpass by the way (france-italy-spain-benelux).

2. Where are your favorite places to see in Spain? We will be there for about 10 days.

I appreciate any info you’ve got to give. Smile

Transport around Europe

I have not really finalised any of my travel plans. Yep laziness is one of my virtues. However I know I am going to be traveling through Spain, Portugal, Across The riveria, to Italy, Throughout Italy, then Across to Crotia and perhaps Montenegro/serbia. Depends on a few things. And I’d be going from about mid june to mid august. Maybe a bit later than that. But I need to get back by the end of August.

However, I am just running around and wondering what way to get about. I see the eurorail pass is quite expensive, and may not be cheaper as I am under 26. How about interrail passes?

best way to get to Ibiza

Im going to be traveling around spain Im looking to find out the cheapest way to get to ibiza. I dont know if a flight or ferry is the best way to go or what the best city is to travel out of. Im not really picky to which city it is so any help would be much appreciated.

Is Flying more convenient?

My friends and I have been planning a month-long trip to Europe for this summer. We are visiting 7 countries: England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Germany, and Denmark

We originally were thinking of using the Global Eurail Pass for the 5 out of the 7 countries but are now thinking of taking the plane instead. Our main interest is both cutting down on actual travel time and saving the most amount of money.

Help with train travel in Spain, Italy and France

ok, so I will be arriving in Barcelona on May 22. This is my second time going to Europe, but the first time I used a rail pass. I have done some research and have decided that it will be cheaper to do point-to-point tickets for this trip. This is my itinerary:

Barcelona – 3 nights
Madrid- 3 nights
San Sebastian- 2 nights
Southern France (not sure where yet!)- 2 nights
Cinque Terre- 2 nights

I have researched the renfe website, and it looks like the trip from Barcelona to Madrid is 51 euro if I purchase from the website.

1st eurotrip - June 09!

Hello all I am new to this forum and might I say its very helpful!

Im a 21 yr old aussie male and will be travelling to the UK and Europe for 11 weeks from June through August. I have family in London so that will be my base. It’s my first time to Europe and I will be travelling by myself, hoping to meet plenty of other young people along the way.