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NEW RailSaver Tool Just Launched

A new version of RailSaver just launched:


Check it out and come back to this post to let us know what you think!

Happy Holidays!

Transport options?

Hi, everyone! I’ll be traveling to Europe in June 2013, and I was wondering if you could help me decide the best way to move between cities in Europe. I know sometimes train is the best option, but some others flights are better.
Can you guys help me choose, please?

CENTRAL EUROPE... Prague-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

What is the best way to go between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest… and for the cheapest price!?

Thank you!

The best way to travel?

Looking for some transportation advice for our EuroTrip.. this is our plan so far. Leaving July 2nd..
Returning July 26th

:::::We found that a multi-city ticket works best, same price as round trip to London minus the extra trip back to the same city.

USA —-> Flight —-> * Barcelona* stay for 2days
Barcelona —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Ibiza 2days
Ibiza —-> Flight (EasyJet) —-> Rome 2days

:::::Then the rest of the way with a Eurail (4 country) train pass.

How to Book an Overnight Train Seat Reservation WITH a Rail Pass?!

I have a German Twin Rail Pass for travel around Germany this March. I will be traveling from Basel (btw, is it Basel SBB train station? or Basel Bad bf station? that is included in my German Rail Pass) to Cologne and would like to do this leg on an overnight train (the City Nightline Train) to save on hotel costs. If my German Rail pass will cover the cost of the train tickets, how do I go about booking a seat reservation separately?

Travel Across Ireland

Alright so im wondering what the transportation situation is for Ireland. Im looking into including Galway and Shannon into the Irish portion of my trip (Link Below, check it out i would love some feed back and ideas to fill up my itinerary!) and i am wondering what is the quickest most cost effective route from Galway or Shannon to Dublin. Any insight would be appreciated! Smile

Should I get the 3 months Eurail Global Pass?

I’ll be traveling from April to June 2012 for a total of 75 days.

Halp :'( Rome -> Barca via train

What is the best train route to go from Rome to Barcelona? I kinda want to go overnight so we lose as little time as possible in either city, so what is the best course of action. Thanks Smile

Train reservation for EuRail passholder

Hi all! It’s great I found this forum, as most website on train transport are confusing.

I bought a 4 country eurail pass through and I am trying to make reservations for two trains:

1. Paris – Amsterdam (TGV connection to Belgium) for Dec 29th, 2010, 4.30 pm (wednesday)

2. Amsterdam – Zurich (CityNightLine), overnight train on Jan 2nd (Sunday night)

I am unable to reserve these trains online! I land in Europe on the 29th only. Do you think –

1. I can reserve the TGV train at the CDG airport itself? I have about 3-4 hours after I land in CDG.


Madrid to Palma del Condado?


I need to go to Palma del Condado from Madrid on Tuesday. I can’t drive so I can only use public transport.
What is the best method to reach Palma del Condado from Madrid? Bus, Train?

Leaving for Madrid in few hours, would really need some help lol!