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Hey guys, I am completely new to this whole thing. I really need some help. I have planned a trip on here, and I need to know if the passes this website has given me will get me where I need to go! I also would like to know how the ride works, is it no stops, direct? I need to know how long it will take to get to each city I have planned! I understand I may need plane tickets but I need to know! Thank you!

Brussels to manchester

Hello all looking for some advise on what’s the cheapest way to get from Brussels to Manchester ? Flight or train – views / tips / advise sincerely appreciated ! travelling in the end of July 2012

Thanks and look forward

Krakow-Prague Day Train... help!


My name is Federico and I´m from Argentina. Me and my soon-to-be-wife will be traveling around europe on our honeymoon.

We´ll be from April 29th to 2nd of May in Krakow, and we wish to travel to Prague in the day train (Krakow-Katowice-Prague, departure 09:36 from Krakow, arriving 17:50 in Prague)

The thing is, I´ve contact Polrail Service some time ago and now they post me a reply with the prices: 672 PLN or 163 euros for two tickets.

I´ve been reading your posts to learn a little…

Train Reservations with Eurail Pass
Travelogue Entry in Paris, France

railpass vs point to point

Hi everyone, Me and my partner are heading to europe in April 2012 and are trying to figure out what would be more economical, Booking point to point trains or buying a eurorail pass. Any feedback is welcome.

eurail vs. point to point

This summer will be my first trip in Europe. We already have our flight booked and an itinerary. We will be in London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Munich, then back to London. We are only trying to see the cities, not the entire country. I’ve heard rail travel in Europe is the cheapest option, but the Eurail pass seems absolutely ridiculous. For two of us a Eurail pass for nine days in three countries would be $978, plus the cost of getting to and from London since the UK is not included in the Eurail pass.

Please help

I know this is going to be a lot to ask but i’m hoping you guys can help out since i’m really lost with planning this eurotrip. we’re planning on visiting 10 european cities in about 30 days and have the order all worked out. we just need help finding the cheapest/easiest methods of transport between each of the cities. in this order we will be going to:

Any help you can provide with cheap transport between any of these cities will be much appreciated.

Train Travel Times, Knowing which nights you dont need to Book a Hostel

While planning my trip, some of my destinations may take a day to achieve, so I wont necessarily need to book every single night at a hostel, how do I figure this part of the trip out? Any help/advice is appreciated thanks.

Florence - Venice - Florence

I want to travel from florence to venice for 1 day. just make a day trip starting early in the morning and then come back to florence late at night. anyone know the best way to do this? i dont want to waste one of my eurail days on this since ill need it more for when i travel from country 2 country.
I dont necessarily need to take a train. I heard the buses are pretty good too and since its not a long ride and supposed to be cheaper, i figure we could just do that. anyone know a good site to purchase those tickets? do i really need reservations for it?

Are train tickets reservations real necesary when having a Erailpass??

HI EVERYBODY! I´ve already got a Eurailpass and I´m going crazy trying to find out if reservations are really necesary for my itinerary. I need help!!! Internet reservations are really expensive! my trips would be: brussells/paris . paris/frankfurt/prague . prague/wien/venezia . venezia/milano . milano/nice. Thanks for all your comments!