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Transport options?

Hi, everyone! I’ll be traveling to Europe in June 2013, and I was wondering if you could help me decide the best way to move between cities in Europe. I know sometimes train is the best option, but some others flights are better.
Can you guys help me choose, please?

European trains, planes and automobiles help required

Hello fellow travelers, lend me your eyes and fingers.

I would appreciate transport advice for my 6 week European pilgrimage. I am a mid 20’s male who will mostly be going solo from the end of October until mid December. Not a great deal of travel experience so really trying not to end up as a homage to the movies Taken or Hostel…..

Help with transportation in Europe

Hello guys,
So I’m gonna spend a month in Vienna in September and I can only travel on weekends and I have two weeks in October to travel around as well.
I am trying to choose the countries/cities I will go to and the best way to get there.
Here’s the list of countries/cities I want to go to (Feel free to suggest crossing out or adding any countries) and please tell me the best way to get to each country from Vienna.
My transportation budget is around 250-300 Euros maximum
1) Amsterdam
2) Croatia
3) Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Bordeaux
4) Munich, Hamburg
5) Zurich
6) Milan
7) Barcelona

4 weeks country/Itinerary advice

I’m planing a four week trip to Europe in September 2012, it’ll be my first time to Europe. It seems like it might not be a lot of time to plan. I will be going with a friend, but I was wondering how ambitious or what’s a good amount of time to spend in an area, I’m interested in seeing a few museums, churches, landscape, experience culture and world landmarks for sure. I’m thinking:
London, England
Paris, France
Barcelona, Spain
Lucerne, Switzerland – or somewhere to see the Alps
Salzburg, Austria
Italy:Venice, Pisa, Rome,
Vatican, Vatican
Athens, Greece.

Transport in Italy

Hello guys,

I’ll be in Italy for 17 days in late Dec 2011 – early Jan 2012, as a solo traveller above the age of 25. I’m a graduate student, so I could apply for the ISIC card. I’m travelling between Rome -> Cinque Terre -> Florence -> Venice -> Naples -> Rome. I’ve checked the approximate costs for transportation via Italia Rail, and it’s around USD 365.

I would like to know if there are cheaper options I need to be aware of?

Madrid to Malaga/Granada

Hi, We’re looking for suggestions on the best way to get from Madrid to Granada. We’ll likely have to go to Malaga. Any suggestions? Plane or train?


Best/Cheapest transport method with infant?

Hi, we’re in Australia, trying to plan for a family round the world trip for this August, September, October (?may end up extending!) including Europe for about 2 of those months. I’ve found a lot of helpful information on this website so far, but still can’t decide what’s the best method of transport for us to use – Eurail pass, Point to point, Leased car, Rented campervan, or a mixture of all those.

I’ve previously done a Europe trip with the BusAbout company, utilising their hop-on, hop-off arangement, which was excellent!! Unfortunately, they don’t allow children.

Please help

I know this is going to be a lot to ask but i’m hoping you guys can help out since i’m really lost with planning this eurotrip. we’re planning on visiting 10 european cities in about 30 days and have the order all worked out. we just need help finding the cheapest/easiest methods of transport between each of the cities. in this order we will be going to:

Any help you can provide with cheap transport between any of these cities will be much appreciated.

Help with Railpass and tickets combination

I’m in need of some help regarding train traveling, railpasses and tickets.

The train routes of the trip are:
Rome – Vernazza – Venice – Munich – Gimmelwald
and then
London – Bruges – Paris

I’m having trouble coming up with the best railpass and tickets combination.

We’re traveling overnight between Venice and Munich. Within this segment we have to pass through Austria.

The problem is there’s no 6 country railpass. It might have just solved it. So I don’t know what’s the best way around it.

Should I just get the Eurail Global pass for 10 days within 2 months?

3 Months Around Europe (But How?)

Hi there,

I am planning to travel around Europe for 3 months from 6th July 2010. I am looking to spend around 3-4 nights in each town, so that means I can cover about 20-25 cities.