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CENTRAL EUROPE... Prague-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest

What is the best way to go between Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest… and for the cheapest price!?

Thank you!

Eurail pass VS low cost flights + train ticket

Hi, I need some help over here…

I’m travelling to europe in late june for 30 days.
I want to know, if it’s convenient buy the eurail pass. Always have to do the reserve? The maximum I have to pay is the price that says in the web site?
Or is cheaper buying low cost flight tickets and simple train tickets

My eurotrip is:
Madrid—>Barcelona —> Amsterdam —> Groningen —> Amsterdam —> Brusells (Ghent, amberes, etc) —> Paris —> Venice—> Florence —> Rome.

Thank you!

Nice to Milan, HELP!!!

Hi everyone,

With the help from (and having purchased the Eurail Global Pass), my trip itinerary is almost set… with the exception of transportation from NICE-MILAN on July 13th. The only options it gives me are a 15 hour ride with 4/5 transfers. In almost every book and website I searched, it says there’s a 5-hour direct ride available but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Can anyone suggest a possible way to get from Nice to Milan on the 13th of July?
(Morning or night, doesn’t matter)


Has anyone had experience in using Eurolines for their intercity/inter-country transportation?

I was looking at cheaper methods of transportation to get from country to country, seeing as the Eurail pass is a little pricey for me, and it seems like there are too many rules and regulations so I would wind up getting fined a ridiculous amount anyways.
Eurolines caters to 43 different cities, I believe, and also provides 30-day bus passes, which seems perfect because I’ll only be traveling for 30 days.
However, what worries me is that their website isn’t very clear

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Travelogue Entry in Ambleside, United Kingdom

Poland to Paris

Hello everyone!

I am going to Poland to take care of my sick grandmother for a few weeks. While there I wanted to take a short side trip to Paris for 4 or 5 days, sometime in mid october. I am a bit confused on finding out which train or trains I need to take and where they leave from. My grandmother lives a bit out of the way. I know that Novy Targ is fairly close, Zakopane is about an hour then Krakow is about two hours away. If someone can give me a bit of direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Frankfurt to Paris

Hi everyone,

I’ll be in Frankfurt July 11/12 and want to get to Paris either on the 12th or the 13th.

What’s the best way to get there?


Help with Trip Itinerary/Transportation

Hey everyone!

My name is Alyssa and a few friends and I are planning on traveling for 50 days next summer. Our tentative timeframe is from June 13th to August 1st, and we have a lot of key places on our list. We wanted to spend about 3 days in each place, but the places we’ve picked do stretch a far distance. We were looking into the cheap intercountry airlines and possibly a global eurail pass but we’re all really new to this. Basically, here is the list of places we want to go, and we’re not sure what route to take to get to all these places.