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1st draft Itinerary
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Hi all. New member, beginner backpacker. I’ve read many guide book over the last few weeks and have a rough idea of where my fiance and I will be traveling too. Please feel free to let me know my mistakes and your opinions. Thanks.

9/30 Dep NYC
10/1 Arr Lisbon Portugal
10/2 Lisbon
10/3 Lisbon
10/4 Lisbon to Porto Portugal
10/5 Porto to Madrid
10/6 Madrid
10/7 Madrid
10/8 Madrid to Gibralter Dep 1415 Arr 1933
10/9 Ferry to Tanger, Morocco (We would like to just keep moving to Casablanca if doable).
10/10 Casablanca
10/11 Casablanca
10/12 Casablanca to Marrakech Dep 1005 Arr 1405
10/13 Marrakech
10/14 Marrakech
10/15 Marrakech
10/16 Marrakech to Fez Dep 0900 Arr 1600
10/17 Fez
10/18 Fez
10/19 Fez to Paris, Dep 1700 Arr 2150 (136.00 Euro for 2)
10/20 Paris
10/20 Paris
10/21 Paris

This is as far as we have gotten. We will be staying until either 11/5 or 11/12 and will be flying out of Dublin. We would like to have 7 days in Ireland. We are trying to decide to add parts of Italy, specifically Florence and Venice. This may be a little rushed, but we may never have this time to run around Europe. So help us out and tell us what you think

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It’s not too bad, but perhaps just a little rushed.  Since you’re traveling with your fiance, and there wil be even more travel after this portion of your itinerary, you might want to try and slow it down just a little so the pace doesn’t wear you out and you end up taking it out on each other.  There are two changes I might make. First, unless you really, really want to see it, skip Porto.   Second, fly to Casablanca from Madrid for 23 euros each on Easyjet and save yourselves time and money.  

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What time of the year will this be?  I second Augustin’s skipping Porto.  You may also want to take one (of three) cities in Morocco off the list, and add a new destination to Portugal or Spain.  Depends on whether or not you’re interested in balanciung out the itinerary, or focusing more on Morocco.