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2 month trip. Is this a good packing list?
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I know I’ve already posted regarding what to bring, so I apologize if my posts are bothering anyone, but I have to admit that I’m worried that I won’t bring the right stuff, or I might bring too much. I will be in Spain, France, and Italy from Sept. 12 to Nov. 13. So here is my list. Please tell me if you think there’s anything I should include or remove, or if a quantity of something is too great.


-small shorts that can act as a bathing suit
– windbreaker/water-resistant lightweight jacket with pockets and a hood
-lightweight fleece
-teva sandals
-walking shoes
– 6 pairs underwear
– 7 pairs socks
-3 t-shirts
-1 casual long-sleeve shirt
– 2 button-down dress shirts
-long underwear
-knit cap/beanie


-ziploc bags
-grocery bags
-small travel alarm clock
– thin cotton towel (microfiber?)
– emergency cliff (energy) bars
-small sewing kit
-swiss army knife
-sleeping sheet
-liquid soap (Dr. Bronners)
-electric adapter
– anti-diarrhea tablets
– anti-nausea tablets
– bandaids
– condoms
– bed sheet
– eating utensils
– ipod microphone to record sounds
– 50 local postcards (from home) to give as gifts
– other little gifts (candy?)
– padlock
– tiny locks for backpack
– toothbrush
– travel steam iron
-ipod charger
-digital camera w/charger, extra battery and extra memory cards
– money belt

How does that look? I have a couple specific questions, as well. Should the backpack locks and padlock for the locker be combination or key locks? Would you recommend that I buy underwear and shirts that are cotton blend (rather than 100% cotton) so that they’ll dry faster? And is there anything that I haven’t listed that you think I should bring? Thank you.