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31 Days Of Travel? Too Much Stuff? Too Little?
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[=“2”]So far you guys have really been helping me and I’ve REALLY appreciated it. I bought the North Face Terra 50 backpack, and it fits me well, it is a size Medium backpack, 55 liters.

Again, I will be staying in Europe from June 14th to July 14th, 31 Days. I will be going to Ireland, Belgium, France(D-Day Omaha Beach), Austria.

So right now, my question is this. My backpack, what all should I really consider taking? I’ve thought about it, and it seems like clothes is really the main thing. I will have a small ziplock bag with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, small bottles of shampoo, deodorant, and a black comb, any a small bottle of lotion. I might even cut some of that out if I dont need it.

In another small ziplock bag, I will have socks stuffed in there, each in a pair, with my boxer shorts(underwear).

Then, a few pair’s of pants, and a few shirts. I’ve already but like 5 shirts in there and 2 pants, and it wasn’t very heavy. Also, has anyone ever had problems wearing denim jeans in europe while backpacking during the summer?

I might bring a small cheap, lightweight pair of shoes at the bottom of the pack, as there is much room for it.

I will throw in a good book to read at the airport and else where

I will have 3 different photo copies of my passport, credit card, ID, Eurail Tickets, etc, in 3 different compartments. That doesnt really do much as far as weight and space goes, due to the fact that it’s just folded paper.

Then I will have a small daypack with my extra camera lens in it, with travel maps, important phone numbers, my over sea’s cell phone(if I get one), and etc, other little things that I will need with me while touring the area that I can take out of rather than taking out of my backpack.

Now, this is all just what I thought would make sense, this is the first time I’ve ever done this. So if you guys see anything here that ABSOLUTELY will not work, please tell me. If this sounds like too much, tell me. If it sounds right and you have a few suggestions, please tell me.

Again, I’ll be backpacking 4 countries in 31 days, and I will be traveling via Eurail from each country.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.[/]

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Sounds like you’ve got a pretty good grasp.

– Shoes (especially sturdy leather ones) are heavy, but you definitely need one extra pair just in case the ones you’re wearing get soaked, and need a day to dry. Add some flip-flops for shower/beach, which weigh virtually nothing. Of course nylon trainers are lighter, too.
– Personally, I take about a weeks’s worth of laundry, so I only have to it about once per week. Take some dryer sheets (weigh virtually nothing); buy a small box of powder laundry detergent once you arrive.
– You might want to pack a guidebook, or at least relevant parts.
– Also consider scanning your passport and saving it on your email account.
– A wash cloth usually comes in handy.
– Some nylon cord for hanging up clothes to save having to pay for the dryer.
– If you take something that needs batteries, bring extras — they are usually expensive compared to bringing them from home.

Maybe you already know these things. If not, maybe they come in handy.

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Good tip about the passport, never thought of that

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i think you can wear a pair of pants on the plane and pack a pair. that’s it. maybe 2 pairs of shorts. 

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