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5 Things on a Backpacker's Cloud

Planning Tip

With a slew of services including Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive, you can store all of your documents on computer servers thousands of miles away while you traverse the globe. The best part about cloud storage is no matter where you are or what computer you’re using, you will have access to your stuff. Below are 5 things that every backpacker should have a copy of in the cloud.

  1. Scans of all of your important documents: driver’s license, passport and insurance. This virtual backup can become invaluable in sticky situations.
  2. Hostel bookings and flight confirmations. Sure these will also be in your inbox, but with cloud storage it adds an additional backup and easy access.
  3. Uploaded pictures. Once your camera gets full, this is a great way to free up space and back up the digital memories that you don’t want to share with everyone on Facebook.
  4. A list of websites that you found useful when researching your trip. These could be great bars, blog posts, and of course Eurotrip articles!
  5. Contact info of all the places you need to be.