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advice for paris and/or londaon 14 day vacation
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First, thanks to everyone who has posted on this forum. Your questions and insights have been very helpful as I plan our 1st European family vacation. we are a family of 5 (ages 16, 14, 11, & 40yr old parents) traveling from Miami, Florida USA. We originally wanted to travel to Italy Rome & florence +/- venice but the flights & hotel were too expensive for us. We have found relatively inexpensive flts out of Miami to Paris and were think of the following iteneray; 6 nites paris, 3 days in the Loria valley region using Tours as a central hub to the area cities, 3-4 day london, travel back to paris and 1 day in paris before return trip home. We ould like to absorb the area versus having a brief experience in each city. what is your advice on this trip? what cities in the Lorie valley would you see. Should we cut out London and just focus our 2 weeks in france (6 days paris, 3 days Lorie Valley, 3 days Strausburg area). any suggestions and insights would be much appreciated.

I am leaving from west palm beach florida with $10000 for 14 days
Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona
Requesting help with Transport, Budget, Itinerary
I am leaving from miami, florida usa with $10000 for 15 days
Paris, Tours, London, Paris
Requesting help with Transport, Budget, Itinerary, Sights
I am leaving from Miami and traveling for 12 days
Paris, Rome
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Whether or not to cut London is a tough call; it is feasible to do it.
I’ve actually done London/Paris for a 10 day spring break trip years ago.
One reason not to do it would be the cost of transportation for 5 people, but if you bought Eurostar tickets (or easyjet or other plane tickets) well ahead of time, this might not be such a big deal.
Let’s look at the possibilities of cutting London. You could spend your time in the Loire Valley, then head west toward the Strasbourg area, perhaps stopping at Dijon along the way. I believe there is a TGV between Strasbourg and Paris.
By the way, after we visited the Loire Valley we actually headed west and north, and really enjoyed that part of the country: Nantes, Rennes, St Malo, etc.
edited to add: But we really liked the Strasbourg area, too! Smile

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London is a real favorite for me, so it’s hard to suggest cutting it, but your itinerary without it looks good, too.

As Cil says, getting to/from London and staying in London will be expensive for 5. Look for an open jaw flight (into London out of Paris or vice versa) so you don’t have two channel crossings to pay for. Getting around France can be expensive, too so compare to the cost of getting to where ever you’d substitute for London. Look for cheap leisure fares and other specials on Eurostar, the chunnel train, at

I think my son was about 16 when we were in France and UK. He much preferred London to Paris. He like Normandy, but preferred UK to France overall. I definitely preferred UK to France when I was a teenager.