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Amsterdam is an amazing and beautiful place with alot to see and do unfortunately alot of people tend to get off the train at Centraal Station and head straight for the smokey coffeeshops and seedy sights of the Red Light District, and thats all they see for the duration of their stay, so for those people and those who maybee want to experience it for a night here’s a few tips for staying safe.

Taking photo’s of the women in the windows is a big NO NO although prostitution is legal there are still pimps running the operation, i had an experience a few years back while traveling with a friend who wanted to see the red light district, i briefed him on how to act while there but he didnt take any notice and proceeded to photograph the working girls along with all the other sights of cannabis plants and coffeeshops, unfortunatley unknown to him he had drawn attention to us, we were approached by around six guys and pushed into a dark alleyway where two guys pulled me over and held a knife just under my rib cage, i like a good traveler had my money belt on and when asked for money gave them the five euros i had in my pocket, the other’s took all of my friends money and destroyed his camera, we were told ‘no pictures’ and they dissapeared just as fast as they had turned up.

I would always advise while walking around the Red Light District to stay in a group but if you are alone you must have your witts about you its not paradise far from it your walking past drug addicts, theives and rapist’s as you would in most bad neighbourhoods all over the world just because its full of tourist’s and people having fun dont let your guard down, ive had alot of close shaves with people trying to mug me or take advantage of a quiet dark corner but never show them your a pushover or they will walk all over you any requests from them for you to buy drugs or for spare change should be ignored and over friendly advances should be met with a firm ‘NO’.

Over the years i have been going to Amsterdam i have seen a change for the better and it really seems to be cleaning up it’s tainted image, there seems to be less and less pushy street drug dealers and theives and the Red Light District it is shaping up to be a much more tourist friendly place.

There is so much more to Amsterdam than drugs and sex so i urge you to travel out of the centre and explore the whole place you will find some amazing markets and restaurants some quaint bar’s and cafe’s and some of the most friendly welcoming people you will find anywhere in Europe.

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ok so where do you suggest to go for a good time? ive never been there and want to go sight seeing also. and what are some great resteraunts to go to? and wherewould you suggest to go for tours and coffee shop to relax and smoke a joint?

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When I was in Amsterdam, I felt very safe even in the Red Light District. During the day particularly it is very safe, but at night (as in any city) can be a little sketchy if you don’t keep out of the seedy parts.
Also, I knew not to take pictures of the women in the windows, but didn’t know about not taking pics of the coffeeshops. I took pictures inside one (just of our group) which was fine, but when I took a picture of the Bulldog Cafe sign in the RLD, a man came out yelling at us NO PICTURES NO PICTURES. Luckily, a fight between two men broke out nearby right then, so my friends and I made like a banana and split, and retained our cameras.