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Amsterdam / Spain / Germany / Amsterdam
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I’m planning out a couple of weeks in Europe this summer. I would like to get to Amsterdam for the Coffee Shops, Spain for the beaches and bullfights, and Germany for the Porsche / BMW / Audi factories. I’ve never been to Europe and I need to get a good idea of transportation options. People who I work with tell me the train system is the best bet, but I haven’t been able to find a good resource for all of the train routes and options.

Any help would be appreciated!


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The people you work with are right, the train system is great.  However, you’ve picked places that are widely scattered — kind of like “seeing” the US by visiting NYC, Miami, and Seattle.  You’ll want to take the train in Netherlands and Germany, maybe splurge on a highend (you don’t want to be in a subcompact trying to figure out if it was a Porsche or a BMW that just flew by) rental car to experience the Autobahn and probably fly to Spain and back – perhaps taking train within Spain. 

Use to see which budget airlines fly which routes.
Use http://reiseauskunft… (the German rail site) for train schedules anywhere in Europe.
Once you figure out an itinerary use — follow the “I have a good idea of my itinerary” route and click “I prefer purchasing railpasses (to point to point tickets) ‘only if it saves money.’” — to see which, if any, railpass is a good deal for your trip.