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Any help or advice? :S
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Hi there

Ill be staying in Hamburg for work about a month or so
but i will only get a full free weekend on the 17 of Sept (until the 19) so i was planing to make a small trip.
As i had already been in Germany before i was hoping to go to some of the near cities surrounding germany, like Prague or Rome (mostly cos of the romantic air on them) but im having a hard time finding a cheap way of travel.
I know its on weekend and been quite close to the departure date its possible that i have to travel not so cheaply but any ideas sugesstions or help would be great

Thx in advance

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You would need to put up your request in all the forums in order for your query to be answered appropriately.
This is only for cheap flights. You will be wasting a lot of time taking a flight in and out and spoiling the weekend.
What I suggest is for you to go sightseeing in Germany itself. like the blackforest or if you want to skip it then just shoot off to prague which is something out of the ordinary.
Otherwise taking the train is the most convenient way, not just in time but also in savings.
From Hamburg, go see Brussels and Bruge, about an hour or so and thw weekend is over. From Bruge, jump to Ghent.
Otherwise a weekend trip to paris would be fantastic.

I am leaving from US and traveling for 11 days
London, Brussels, Basel, Paris, London
Requesting help with Transport, Itinerary, Sights
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Skyscanner. I set the link for all departures from HAM and Lubeck in September.