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Anyone heard of northfields hostel in london?
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Hey guys,
Anyone know anything about northfields hostel in London.
Their website http://www.northfiel…

Thanks in advance!

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I’m not sure if you’re still interested in this hostel as your post was from quite a while ago, but I actually stayed here for a night while awaiting my flight home. Here’s just a quick overview of what I found:

-The staff (singular) was very friendly.
-The hostel itself was mediocre/low in cleanliness. Did not use the kitchen so can’t comment on that.
-The elevator was not working (not a biggie, but just shows general repair of building) and I don’t believe the lock on the front door was either.
-A bit outdated and furniture in the room itself was falling apart. General aesthetics were limited, kinda creepy actually.
-Walls were exceptionally thin. Voices, trains, etc. were heard clearly through them.
-The Underground is quite close, literally across the street.
-Located within a quick ride to Heathrow.
-Did not use the shower, so I can’t tell you about that.
-I think some guy might’ve tried to sell me drugs in the middle of the night.
-Not much in the area.

So overall, if I was staying in London for an extended period of time, I would find somewhere else to stay. For my purposes of a place to stop on my way to the airport, it was alright. I won’t be going back when I visit this summer, though.

Hope this helped if you’re still considering it.

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