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The Asia/Europe teaching option
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This email may be helpful to a few people interested in teaching in a foreign country NOW (or soon), and wanting to spend some time in Europe during the summer.

I have been trying to discover immediate opportunities to teach in a foreign country, yet still be able to travel during the summer. I finally discovered that China and S. Korea are eager for foreign teachers who have at least a BA degree. I finally chose China for a number of reasons, one of which is that most Chinese schools offer extended holiday seasons.

Now, I will travel in Europe this summer, and teach in China beginning in September. I realize that many people may be thinking that the rate of pay in China will not help a person wanting to travel in Europe. However, I think these people have not uncovered the secret: do the reasearch on the Chinese experiences and there are many opportunities to make some money. Of course, a teacher’s plan would have to be to commit wholeheartedly to a school and many tutoring opportunities.

I realize this similar opportunity may be available in Spain, Poland, etc., but will the cost of living be so inexpensive as in China?

If you have any comments concerning this issue, I appreciate your constructive and helpful feedback. Please be nice. Thanks.

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I do know a guy who saved US $5000 after a year teaching in China and doing private tutoring on the side. That would certainly finance a decent trip to Europe or help you get set back up at home. I doubt that Europe would work out well for you unless you have a European passport that would enable you to get an EU work permit. You might be able to find some under-the-table work, but good luck supporting yourself on that, much less saving money.