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Attending soccer/football games in Europe
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Who likes to check out matches whilst backpacking around Europe?  I am eager to know which clubs you checked out and how you obtained tickets.  The availiability ranges from city to city, club to club.  If you’re from Europe let me know what club you support and if tickets are generally availiable to the public day of game.  League and table position are of no matter to me. 
I had the opportunity to attend an Ajax game in Amsterdam last October and had a blast.  Lucked out with the tickets.  On certain dates AjaxTravel located at the ArenA has tickets availiable for those with a valid ID.  I paid 40 Euro for a ticket and scarf.  I was told by the guy working the ticket booth that AjaxTravel is the only way for a foreigner to obtain tickets legally to an Ajax game.  So, if you’re in Amsterdam stop by the arena day of match and see if AjaxTravel has tickets for sale.   

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I’ve attended 5-6 Brøndby matches in the past year.  I’ve got a friend who gets tickets from various sources, such as work, internet, acquaintances, and even down the alley behind the stadium the night of the match (50kr for a ticket and can of Carlsberg!—just don’t wear the other team’s colors!!).  The biggest match is always Brøndby-FCK (Football Club Kopenhagen), the last on Dec. 2, the biggest rivalry in Danish football.  Those tickets were 200kr for crappy seats.  I was asked by a few people if I needed an extra ticket on the way in.  You can haggle on price, but don’t insult them (100kr at least for a major match).

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Great topic [Smile]

I have seen my fair share of football games around Europe while backpacking.  A lot of the times, certain games came in handy as target dates (i.e. have to be in Praha by date x to watch Sparta match)

so many games to list, but here goes…
– World Cup 2006 – all 3 Poland games – yeah, we played horrible but we had the best fans the tournament &amp; it was an amazing time.<br /> - have seen my fair share of Legia Warszawa games, that being my club &amp; all. Great, great atmosphere the stadium if the supporter’s club isn’t staging some sort of a protest vs. management, which happens more & more these days [Frown] you can get tix the stadium (ulica Lazienkowska 3) on matchday without any problems. Just take your passport with you and go to the ticket booth. Try to arrive early though.<br /> - have seen a bunch of Poland WC and Euro qualifiers, both home &amp; away... have to get these tix in advance. Supporter groups are usually the way to go (KibiceUK for ex. is a group of UK-based Poland supporters). I usually paid face value for tix, apart from the time I saw Polska play Engerland Old Trafford. Was worth it anyways, being a United fan and all.
– saw Sparta Praha home game, v. Ceske Budejovice. Same as for Legia, show up on matchday an hour and a half early and shouldn’t be a problem with tix, unless it’s a huge derby or rivalry game.
– saw Wisla Krakow host FC Barcelona back in the day
– saw a bunch of IFK Goteborg games when I was living in Goteborg. I forget which newspaper it was (think it was Aftonbladet) – they would always have a promotion – bring in the newspaper to the ticket booth on matchday and get a discount for tix. Good deal.
– have seen a bunch of other games but the above is a good start. [Smile] Good rule is to check out the team’s webpage + forums and check what the ticket situation is beforehand.

Next up is to see a Barca game the Nou Camp (it was off-season when I was in Barca, so I only did the tour) + an Old Firm Match Celtic Park (cheering for Celtic and Artur Boruc, of course).

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I saw Bayern Munich play Werder Bremen at the Olympia Stadium in the 90’s.. Was boring.. The quality of play was top(Klinsmann was still playing I think..), but the distance to the field made it lame..

Also saw a Prag derby around the same time – was grittier, but a better experience…

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Glasgow Celtic fan…. tickets are easy to get now that the credit crunch has hit, There’s a public sale during the week. Before the swipe card introduction you could get a season ticket voucher outside the game up to 5 mins before kick off (except old firm games). A lot of Irish peoiple travel over but with work commits etc, there’s plenty to be had in the pubs around Parkhead for those who didn’t make the trip

Any Americans who want Man U – Chelsea tickets, Celtic – Rangers, Champions League tickets for big attraction ties, Euro Championships and World Cup… forget it, gold dust

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How about spurs tickets in London? Fiorentina tickets in Serie A? PSG tickets in Paris? How much usually and how to get them?

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I think in France, a lot of people purchase all sorts of tickets through FNAC.
In London, my kid just went to the venue for soccer (football) tickets.
Don’t know about Italy. We saw a match in Siena, just bought tickets there, but I don’t think it was an important match.
This site showed up in google:
Serie A Biglietti

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Man Utd v Chelsea tickets aren’t too hard to get hold of, if you buy in advance (not a huge rivalry between them, Chelsea have only become good recently). Man Utd v Liverpool, Arsenal v Spurs/Chelsea, Man Utd v Man City and Celtic v Rangers are the ones that you will not get hold of.

German/Dutch tickets may also prove to be difficult to get hold of, but anywhere else you’re fine, they don’t sell out.

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Most of the major games tickets are rarely available , especially when it’s crunch time . I tried to get my hands on the Champions league final game but could not get hold of even the lowest price ticket . So, if anyone knows a good company that Masters Tickets of major sporting events including football i.e . Please help a sport fan with this one Smile

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I attended a Real Madrid game in Sep 2008, and just walked up to the stadium and bought them. This year, I am targeting an Inter Milan game!


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Rangers fan here. been over to europe three times already, and ive been to about ten matches home and away. even went to belgrade a couple years back. haven’t really had a problem getting tickets, but I guess thats due to a family friend owning two season tickets. buy ‘em a few pints before and after the game and its all good.