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Au Pair in Austria
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Hi, I am planning on becoming an Au Pair in Austria starting at the end of June for a year. I have found the family that I am working for, and I have started getting all the things together that I will need for the visa. They have had an au pair from America before, so they have been really knowledgeable in that area. The thing I am really worried about is arriving at the airport. The one other time i went to Europe, they wanted proof of me leaving the country within 90 days. Obviously I won’t be leaving the country that soon, and while I will have the proper visa to stay and work, i think the plan is for me to pick it up when i get there, verses them being sent to me. This is mainly due to time contrants. I will have a copy of my au pair contract, but i dont feel like that really means anything. If any of you guys have advice in this that would be great.
Also, my parents want me to look into an open plane ticket for my return. I have already bought my ticket there. It wasn’t really possible to get a round trip ticket, because i dont think any airlines book over a year in advance, and i didnt want to wait to buy my ticket because i got a really good price. Does anyone know a good place to get a decent price on an open ticket? i know that they are expensive.

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Hi there.
Here are a few suggestions

- usually when someone goes to europe on vacation from north america, the customs person wants to see a round trip ticket and a passport that is valid for longer than 3 months. North Americans are allowed in Europe for up to 3 months following this standard.

- you are not going to vacation, you are going to work as an Au Pair. This puts you in a different category for entering Europe. – at customs they will want to see all the paperwork that satisfies their concern you are coming to work legally. I am not exactly sure what specific paperwork is required. (some kind of work visa, maybe a letter from your employer in Austria, maybe a round trip ticket).

I went to New Zealand on a working holiday visa and did not exactly know when I would want to come back so I would recommend you buy a plane ticket that allows the dates to be changed for free (or a low price). You initially set your return as a best guestimate (of up to a year from when you are booking it). Just make sure when you buy the ticket you know exactly how you can change the date. When I went to New Zealand I few singapore airlines and it was no issue at all to change a flight. I like to use this website to tell me what the cheapest / best flights are

hope you have a great time

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