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Aus backpacker in need of advice!
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Hey guys.

I’m an young Australian backpacker about four weeks away from a 4 month solo-trip to Europe (April – August) In which I hope to visit family and friends as well as meet lots of new people and soak up a whole heap of culture, art and everything in between. Maybe a bit of partying a long the way Wink However, being a struggling university student, I AM on a bit of a budget. Well, definitely.

Anyway I start of my trip in the beautiful Florence (arrive late April) where i’ll be living with an aunt for four weeks or so. During this time I figured I may as well make the most of the rail system and visit as many cities as I can in central Italy Smile

Just wondering if anyone can recommend any great places besides Florence (maybe on the coast) to visit if I want to truly soak up some sun and visit a few nightclubs? Preferrably places that aren’t toooo pricey. A few people have recommended places like Rimini and Riccione, what are your opinions?


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I would think you could take some really nice day trips out of Florence: Arezzo and Cortona come to mind. I can’t imagine being that close to Siena and not visiting, it is one of my favorite Italian cities and a university town so there must be some student prices to be found.

I’ve heard that Rimini is huge with students but have never been there. Florence is not all that far from the Ligurian coast and you could visit the Cinque Terre or other coastal towns such as Camogli, San Remo etc.

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To add on to Cil’s suggestion, if you go to Sienna try to make it to the Palio. Its an amazing bareback horse race in the town square. Electrifying atmosphere with all of the districts of the city sponsoring a horse. The festival is twice a year in the beginning of July and mid August. well worth a trip.

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