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Backpack - Carry-on Bag
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Hi all, my Wife and i are traveling to Europe this September. we will be traveling for 1 month. We have our return ticket to London, and have picked our destinations. Now all the real planning begins. I am researching flights in Europe (EasyJet, RyanAir, etc), attractiosn to visit, Rail Passes, and now backpacks.

I have read in various places that Rick Steves has a line of product that is rated very well. We want to just carry 1 backopcak each (will pack in a smaller daypack), so that it can always be treated as a carry-on for our flights.

We are looking at Ricks Convertible Carry-On $99.95 US

Has anyone used this bag, if so can I get some feedback. Or are there other bags that can be recoommended.
I also need to assure that whatever bag I pick can be used as a carry-on when we fly (to and around Europe).

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks all

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I have a similar bag made by Totes, and I love it. It fits in all overhead bins except propeller planes. The problem is that max carry-on weight, for most low-cost airlines, is 8kg, and while it’s rare to have to weigh it in, I have been required, occasionally, to weigh it. As low-cost airlines increasingly depend on ancillary revenues—such as excess baggage charges—you need to think through the carry-on only strategy. Either become really good at acting (“this 20 kilo veeerrry small bag on my back really is light as a feather!!”), or maybe plan to have 1 shared bag to check in. As long as you clearly mark the address and travel dates, and phone number for the lodging, on a bag tag for each destination—each time you check in—both outside and inside the bag, if it does get misdirected, then the airline knows where to deliver it when it turns up, and they don’t have to waste days trying to contact you or your hotel. Another problem you might have is the toiletries limits: 1 liter/quart max carry-on, no single item more than 100ml/3oz..

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I have the rick steves bag. worth the 100 dollars.  i hate losing luggage and with carry on bags that is done with – i hope.
what you may need to worry about is the weight of the bag. some airlines, like British Airways, have weight limits for carry ons even if they are small enough.  my bag was loaded but since it was on my bag and not dragging on the ground, it remained unseen to the ticket guy so i just hopped on the plane while others where getting their bags weighed.
The bag is a good size. Support wise, it could be better but I am happy with my purchase.

I am leaving from Palo Alto with $123 for 22 days
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