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Backpack Question (Carry-on?)
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So I’m Planning on taking my Osprey Aether 70 to Europe with me. It is roughly 4400 cubic inches, but not nearly as bulky as you would think. My question is, could this be a carry on (on a train) or do I need to check it? Is it a huge pain to check it? We are getting a global train pass so we would be on a ton of different trains and I know that it varies, but I wanted to get a general idea.


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looks a little to big to carry on
you could check to see if it fits at those luggage check things they have in airports and some department stores/train stations/places where they sell luggage….or make your own measurements and compare them to your airlines numbers

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I just bought an Osprey Ariel 65 which is 3800 cubic inches and can use the straps and buckles on the pack to really squish everything down and make it really small.  I’m sure your back can condense to a smaller size and fit in the luggage things at the airport. 
Also, how about those baggies in which you could fit your clothes in and remove the air from them?  Those save space Smile

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I think you guys missed the main question he asked…

ORIGINAL: billfromesm

My question is, could this be a carry on (on a train) or do I need to check it?

I have a 70l backpack that I take on my trips to europe and I have always carried it onto the trains that I take. In fact I don’t even think there is an option to check your bags when you are taking the train, at least not that I have seen. Your pack will fit fine on the overhead rack or just sit it on the seat beside you.

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I’ve actually never seen anyone “check” luggage on a train… then again I ride 2nd class so I don’t tend to see people with “von-” in their name stowing their trunks of jewels and tapestries before getting onboard []

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