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backpacking europe solo
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Hi All…
Planning on travelling to europe summer 2011….doing the hostel thing and doing it solo…
This is wat i have come up with so far:
-paris 9 nights
-brussels 2 nights
-amsterdam 7 nights
-berlin 5 nights – munich 3 nights – prague 4 nights
-vienna 3 nights – croatia 4 nights – venice 1 night – rome 7 nights
-florence 3 nights
-nice 2 nights
-barcelonda 5 nights and madrid 6 nights….all in 62 days…any thoughts, must sees, anything missed…for hostels, accomodation, food and activities i was thinking $ 14000 aud would do it.

I am leaving from australia with $8500
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the plan / itinerary is i think good

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I would reverse barcelona and madrid. Madrid is great but Barcelona has more. What I mean is spend the six days in Barcelona and the five in Madrid.

I am leaving from NYC with $2500 for 17 days
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oz girl,
your trip sounds pretty cool…actually im planning a really similiar trip this summer.
Im starting out in dublin…liverpool….manchester…paris…brussels…amsterdam….berlin…prague…vienna…
im actually going like 70 days so i think our trips are similiar for timeline.
have you been to europe before?
I’m also backpacking aloneSmile but im gonna visit a few friends along the way.
what time of year are u leaving? im planning for end of june.
so you’re seriously gonna need $14,000….if so, im in trouble then. lol

I am leaving from spokane with $6000 for 72 days
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Woooooo!!!! Barcelona is the best city ever,,,,,i love APOLO club and RAZZMATAZZ they are both awesome clubs to get crazyyyyyyy!!! i stayed at sant jordi hostel barcelona was great,,,,amazing staff and good location
have a good trip,,enjoy life