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Backpacking in winter
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Hi. I’m going to Europe for the first time of my life in january for a 3 months trip. When i’ll get there the temperature will be around -14 celsius degree (in Russia) and when i’ll leave it will be around 16 celsius degree (in Portugal). How should I pack (I’m travelling with my backpack all alone) Is there a possibility to ship back my heavy thing as i go farder south or ?? Also i’m canadian so i’m use to hard, dry and cold winter but how is it in Europe? Thank in advance and if you have any tip about travelling throught europe go ahead.

Btw, sorry for the poor grammar i’m not use to write in english!

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well you choose most of the northern european countries and during january it’s veeeryyy cold must bring with you really heavy clothes,gloves,scarfs and stuff like put all these things in one bag you can buy compresion bags.they are really helpful and you can easily find them on the can save so much space. http://shop.eaglecre… i bought a medium and a large one. Wink

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Along with winter wear carry winter skin care products too as there will be extreme cold which will dry out your skin.