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Backpack-Packing weight & size help?? with pics :)
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hello! I am unsure of the size to buy for my backpack, but most people seem to say a 65L..
I am 18yo female, 5“9 130lbs, never carried a backpack in my life-not even to school []
I am going in spring (May, June) for roughly 6-7 weeks, to London, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech
I decided to do a “test” pack and this is the outcome of it
16“tall x 12“wide x 8“deep cabin bag
total weight including suitcase-7.5kg…Had to check if my scale worked as this surprised me..yes it works! lol
the first pic is Everthing packed- and the second shows the mesh clothing bags packed with a 7“remote for size next to it.
On top: light tennis shoes, book, Sleepsheet, pillowcase, traveltowel, hair straightener
Mesh pocket: bra, makeup, deodorant, headband, sunscreen, 3in1 face wash, brush, charger/adapter, bikini, ipod, camera
Bag 1(left): tightsx2, pj’s, dressesx3, light skirt, singletsx2, teesx3, 3/4 length tee
Bag 2 (right): Coat, undiesx5, socksx1, scarf, zip jacket/hoodie, vneck light jumper
plus jeans, thongs & additional top ill have on obviously Smile and lots of stuff will go in my smaller bag too
I have actually packed more than i thought, but it still doesnt weigh much, i could even cut it down more if i needed too…Im usually an overpacker Smile
i was thinking about taking a pair of light trackpants(jersey material) too.. for the train and plane and such
I think the suitcase is about 30L or so, probably less since its a “smaller” version cabin bag and it fit pretty nicely so I am considering getting a 45L pack from carribee with -dont hate me-wheels as id like to have the option and even if everyone says no, you can say i told you so when i get back [Wink] There are 2 pics of it too
its, 55 × 31 × 20CM, 45L without a daypack, which is fine since i want to use my own bag anyway. It looks like its a quality bag, and the other option is a $75 blackwolf dodgier version, but with an extra 10L daypack…
So i guess my actual question is,
Would this size be alright for that amount of time, taking into account what ive packed and fit into a cabin bag?
thanks for any help []

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Get a pack that is somehwere between 3500-4500 cubic inches. That should be plenty of space. Don’t forget to PACK LIGHT!!!!!!!! If you get there and there is something you need just buy it there.