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Beautiful, Undiscovered part of Italy
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[=“times new roman”]I have recently spent time in a lovely, non-touristy area of Italy that is a real hidden treasure.  It is in the Abruzzi National Park, directly between Rome and Naples (about 2 hours from each city).  It is also easily accessible by bus and train, as I did not have a car while I was here.  I was able to relax and spend time in the Italian countryside exploring old ruins, castles, and churches, as well as hiking in the amazing mountains that surround this area.  The Park itself has many accessible hiking trails that lead to waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and wonderful panoramic views.  The park is known for its diverse wildlife such as the marsicam bear, the wolf, the roe, the chamois, and the golden eagle.  It’s really incredible that not many people know about this area as it is reachable by public transportation and it’s a wonderful break from the hectic pace of travelling through Italy.  I also rode horses while I was here and it was such a fantastic experience.  I stayed in a guesthouse/agriturismo while I was in this area and this agriturismo was really a great find.  For my own room with a private bathroom, I paid less than I had been paying for a dorm bed in most hostels, it was amazing.  The food was great and the host was very generous with his time and knowledge of the area.  The website for this agriturismo is [/][=“times new roman”][/][=“times new roman”]  If you’re looking for a really magical time while you are in Italy, you should check out this area!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.[/]