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The Best Clubs for Letting Loose in London

As the birthplace of dubstep and the modern club scene, London keeps upping the ante in an ongoing cold war to boast the best nightclubs in the world. This is the city where electronic pop sensations like Nero got their start and where genres like rock and house grew up to take Europe by storm. The city caters to every kind of music and scene, so it’s no wonder why producers like Mark Ronson and James Blake call London home.

Whether you’re looking to meet someone new, dance to the biggest DJs in the world, or just want to have the kind of legendary night you’ll keep secret until the day you die, you’ll find it all in London. But with thousands of bars in London, and with the hundreds of popular clubs, it’s easy to get lost in the clutter of the city’s nightlife. So save yourself some time and find exactly what you’re looking for with Party Earth’s list of 5 great clubs in London where you can drink like a fish and dance like a crazy person.

Ministry of Sound
The Ministry of Sound is London’s most renowned club, and one of the most famous super-clubs in the world. It’s a trance lover’s paradise, boasting not only one of the heaviest sound systems in the city but also a visual overload of LED lights, video projections, and stunning lightshows. Those looking for the ultimate clubbing experience won’t find anywhere better. And if you don’t mind blowing out your eardrums, climb into The Box, a separate room blocked off by a soundproof entrance that will pound music into your core. But even with its massive interior of half-a-dozen rooms, lounges, and four dance floors, this South Bank venue will fill up quickly – early arrivals are highly recommended.

Music is the name of the game at Fabric, attracting hordes of partiers looking to dance the night away within this spacious, 25,000 square-foot venue. The two-story nightclub brings out A-list DJs spinning in every electronic genre, from deep house to the heaviest drum & bass. Located in Camden Town, the heart of London’s hip social scene, there is never a shortage of attractive locals ready to let loose on the dark and steamy dance floor. Pack a few red bulls and cancel your morning plans, because Fabric thumps till sunrise.

The Shoreditch
With its split-personality disorder and no cover charge, The Shoreditch is the perfect destination for both young and old looking to get crazy in style. Located in East London in the Shoreditch neighborhood (what a coincidence), the club has an ultra-cool vibe with an even cooler clientele. Live jazz plays from the top floor where trendy professionals and artists sip cocktails against the kitschy décor. If you’re wondering about the split-personality thing, just head downstairs, where the Roaring Twenties atmosphere is replaced by a mini-rave of flashing neon LEDs and blasting EDM tracks. So grab your tweed jacket and your glow sticks and jump on into the party.

Proud Camden
What once used to be a horse hospital is now a popping nightclub that doubles as a vibrant art gallery and live music venue. The artsy crowds flock here to rock out to England’s most popular emerging indie rock and electro artists. Stables in the building have been transformed into semi-private lounge areas while the center turns into a loud and raucous dance floor. Throw in a rooftop lounge to chill out on while talking up the latest news with the cutie you met downstairs, and Proud Camden could just be the coolest barn party you’ve ever been to.

The Church
The Church is the craziest of crazy. And not crazy as in one of those churches where insane fanatics hail the woman screaming in tongues when she’s really just having a seizure and the medical science they don’t believe in has to come in and save her life an hour later. Okay, so maybe it’s not the craziest. You won’t find any priests in this Clapham Grand joint, but you’ll probably find someone dressed as one, or maybe as a naughty nun. The all-day parties on Sundays here often turn into an all-out costume bash of risqué behavior and hard drinking. The Church is the most unruly party in London, with so much debauchery occurring within its walls that they’ve been forced to relocate numerous times. With its already international mix of denizens, travelers wanting to release their wild side will feel right at home. Come dressed to impress and you’re sure to catch some favorable attention at this popular club.

By Party Earth