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Best Months to Travel?
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My friend and I are in the preliminary stages of planning our month long trip to Europe, I have been reading books and review everyone’s threads…which have helped immensely.  Currently, we have established a budget and figured out the top 5 favorite places we can’t live with out seeing.  We just have a few questions that we would appreciate feedback on!
1. What are the best months to travel?  Are there months we should stay away from?
2. Is there any place 2 girls at the age of 24 should be careful of traveling?
3. Is 7 countries in 31-35 days too much?
Thanks so much to everyone who responds. 

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I don’t think there is any best time to travel, it just depends on what you want to do.  I think a lot of people will say to avoid the summer because it will be more crowded and expensive.  Personally, having the good weather is worth that to me. 

As far as safe places, in general europe will be safer than the US.  Common sense should keep you alright.

7 countries in 35 days should be good, but depends on how many cities in each country.  Most cities deserve at least 4 days.

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Thanks jkfaust, we are thinking August 18-September 20th or so.  Tenativley planning on flying into Copenhagan and traveling south by rail till we hit Rome, then flying over to Greece and departing from Athens.  Any feedback? 

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Sounds pretty good to me. My favorite months to travel are May and September, but have hit a lot of the ones in between.

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I would say that it depends on what kinda weather you prefer.
I give you my experience..
Couple of years I was planning my first trip to Europe and wanted to avoid the crowd. I found out that Sept-Oct are best months. So I went in late August to mid September. Now since I am from south Alabama, I am not at all use to cold weather. Augusts and Septembers in Alabama are pretty HOT. But that was not the case in some part of Europe. It was really cold. (at least to me) and I had to buy couple of jackets there. Some days it was really cold and windy. I wanted to enjoy walking out side, but weather was cold and i could not enjoy being outside too much.
Now some people don’t mind cold weather. If you are one of them then I would say late august and September are perfect months. But if you get cold easily, like me, then I would say go in June-July or even early August. It all depends which weather you are comfortable in.

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I really like autumn, the weather isn’t bad and you don’t feel like you’re at disneyland. 
Personal safety isn’t something to get overly concerned about, but petty theft is common. 
That sounds like a good route, at least you’re going in one direction rather than skipping all over the place.