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Best Nightlife in Europe
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Hey Everyone, just wondering, whether from personal experience or not, perhaps what cities are looked at as say the top 10 for nightlife and partying.

Any thoughts?

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Europe has great nightlife. It really depend what youre looking for and what your willing to deal with. I can tell you what I think is hte best(and take not im being honest so pleez dont take offensive if you think i am trying to):
(in no particular order)
München(Munich), Germany… thats a great place. The people really know how to party. And most of the time they are relaxed and just enjoy having a good time.
Hannover, Germany… this city is filled with more foreigners than germans really but its great. i would say MEC ( and Naoum’s(they have many famous people there) and Funpark( are the best. MEC is #1 in the city, but they are all so cool.
Portsmouth, England… that place can party. I live in germany at the moment and before i travelled to england i have learned that the English people couldnt drink properly and were very rude, smartass drunks. They can come to germany for oktoberfest and pretty much be any age to drink and they were assholes…. but when i finally went to england i found that they arent all like so. but if you go to England watch out because sometimes they arent too nice.
Paris, France… of course thats one. It has the best of almost everything. I have been to many discos there and i havent found one i even sort of disliked.
Greece… Its all cool. you see the old stuff at day and then night is even better.
Berlin, Germany… Its one of the biggest citys in germany and its a wonderful party spot. But they have ALL music and when they say rock they mean it and when they say black beat(aka rap, r&b) they play no games. so choose wisly depending on what you like otherwise youll hate it.
London, England… I found some of Londons clubs and bars are better that anywhere but then some are just bad. You cant get a middle-bar here. You will either like it or not. No gray area. But when its good…. its wonderful.
Prague, czech rep… one word: unforgettable. its like your living in paradise. you will want to forget your name and your country. you will wake up the next morning thinking you imagined it all.
venice… i would say this is prolly a place you would party with a lover becasue its so pretty that if you dont have soemone you care about you would feel incomplete. but still wonderful.
Amsterdam, germany… this is one place in the world were you can do ANYTHING you wish and its legal. and this aint a joke. the best thing to do is find a club and get a beer and wait for the bong to be passed around. you will fall in love with everything. trust me

all this is from personal experiance so i hope that itll help you whenever you need it.

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I agree its all about your personal experience, but my reccommendations would be Munich, awesome city, far better than berlin, great beer, the locals are great and everyone at thew hostel just wanted to have a party i the bar downstairs (euro youth hostel- highly reccommneded). Other good spots inlcuded Zermatt, only small but everyone gets krammed into these heaving bars, i had a fantastic time their, Barcelona, brilliant the place is always a buzz until early hrs of the morning, met some fun people whilst their, Rome – not everyne will agree but i had a great time got chatting to the other 5 people in my hostel room, 4 norweigans and a brit and we all went out for dinner, one of the norweigan girls had a cousin in roime and he took us to this little bar/club somewhere in rome, id have never found it, nor could find it again, ended up getting back to hostel at 6 in morning, brilliant night, Vienna – had a top night out on booze in vienna even if it was expensive. Dublin – the temple bar area is great for irish folk music and you wont meet friendlier people than the irish, fantastic, although once again expensive booze. Enjoy your trip.

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When in Europe, do check out the various pub crawls. I was at this one in Berlin, where you pay a nominal fee and you hook up with a tourguide and other fellow backpackers and you go around to a bunch of cool hotspots (bars, clubs for free). And you get free shots at every bar you hit. You will walk away very drunk

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I’m toooo excited for europe.

I am leaving from Toronto Ontario Canada with $2500 for 23 days
Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Venice, Poreč, Venice, Rome, Nice, Paris, Amsterdam
Requesting help with Transport, Hostels, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Food, Sights