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Best Pizza ?
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If you havent figured out yet, you will soon notice that pizza in Italy is really different from Pizzahut or others sold in US…

So, what do you think ? Which one is better…

For me, i ate my best Pizza in Venice, in a small shop called Pizza Al Colo … Strongly recommended !
Ok, i am hungry now…

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I’m a pizza person. I could use some advise too. But then again, I don’t really care which is better as long as it’s pizza. Wink Now gimme a slice![/url]

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Pizza > Jesus Wink

The best pizza I had last year was in this hole in the wall in Bolzano, Italy… technically not even an “Italian” area…. and the place was run by a guy from Pakistan haha! But it was great… I wish I could remember the name of the place… I wanna say it was by the main square because I seem to recall busses turning around and stuff… but oh well, I guess now I’ll have to go back and find it!

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The best pizza ever is in naples worth a stop for lunch or dinner but I wouldnt recommend sticking around after dark though

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I like domino’s chez pizza,