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Between a couple Eagle Creek's, cant decide
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Hey all, I’m new here to the site. I found it while initially trying to figure out what and where I’m going to do probably next year for roughly a month.

Looking around at the packs, I don’t really want anything mammoth since I’ll be taking a lot of train rides, but I really don’t know how spartan I’d have to be to go a month with a medium-large bag.

Right now, I have it between the Eagle Creek Explorer LT, and the Truist 55. I’ve figured out some pro’s and cons of each, but I can’t decide. Are there any specific things the Truist would be better at than the Explorer LT that I may not appreciate right away?

Truist 55
Pros – Expandable to ~68L – Side access – Lockable security – Day ‘pack’ with lots of organizers and random nice features – Rain cover, may be good for checking the bag too – Ventillation system
Cons – Too damn big for carry on – Day pack looks like its small – 32-38 waist, im a 30. May or may not be an issue to work around if need be…

Explorer LT
Pros – More likely to just pass under the radar for carry-on – Same size as the expanded Truist 55
Cons – More expensive – Daypack doesn’t seem to be lockable to the main pack, at least as easily – (More of a Question) Does the weight of wearing a full day pack packed too feel at all unbalanced, or cause a hunch since it hangs off the back?

Basically, I just like the explorer since it’s not huge and can probably pass as carry on. The pockets in the Truist dayback seem a little nicer, but also that pack is more of just a pouch and looks pretty small (smaller than a school pack) for a pack to hit the town with. Then again it could be just fine.

If you have any comments about either let me know. I’ve heard good things of the Explorer’s but not so much of the Truist line yet. Thanks