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Book in advance?
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I’m going on a 100 day eurotrip from May 24th – August 31st 2010. I’ve read conflicting opinions on this forum regarding reserving hostels in advance. I don’t want to be tied down to my itinerary and want the freedom to stay long/leave early as I see fit. What are your thoughts?

Things to note:
I’ve booked my hostel in Paris (seeing as it is Bastille week). Also, there is a 50% chance I’ll be staying with a friend for the Running of the Bulls. I’ll book my accommodations for Pamplona as soon as I find out whether I have to.

I was also thinking about bringing a tent. I’d like to do a multi-day trail in either Switzerland, Austria, or Cortina (pitch up in the mountains) and it might also come in handy if I can’t find a place to stay. Has anyone brought a tent with them to Europe?


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Good call booking Paris and Pamplona well in advance. I would also book Barcelona ahead of time; I’ve spent hours trying to find a place to stay there when I’ve not booked ahead. I had a similar experience trying to find a place fresh off the train in Florence.

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I’m in the same boat, I have an itinerary set to help me as a guide but I want the freedom to be able to stay somewhere longer if I meet cool people, or leave somewhere sooner if I’m a bit fed up.

It’s hard though cos you run the risk of struggling for a bed if you completely wing it, but some advice I’ve read elsewhere is that booking a week in advance should be enough for most places, so I may just plan my trip week by week.

I believe Paris and Barcelona are tough to get into if you leave it too late but as I don’t know the exact dates I’ll be there I can’t book, and if I do book I am then committed to being in those cities at that time and my itinerary may run off course making that difficult?

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Paris you’ll always find somewhere to stay without booking in advance…usually the mid price places go quick, but the super expensive places and super cheap places (thin walls, shared bathroom, a bit out of downtown, etc) always seem to have availability. Staying in downtown Paris can be expensive. If you don’t mind a so short convenient subway ride into downtown, the 19 and 20th arrondissements (Neighbourhoods) have reasonably priced hotels.


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