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Hello fellow European travelers,

a friend of mine and i have recently started a blog on bookstores in Europe..
and we need help from you in order to expand our database (so far we only
have 18 cities with bookstores listed but we need more)..

Our goal is to help people who enjoy traveling and reading at the same time,
find bookstores no matter where they are or where they plan to go.. anyway,
so far, we are only focusing on Europe (until we are satisfied with the number
of stores in our database)..

anyway, here’s the link: http://bookstoreguid…

and i am here to ask for help from you all.. can you please recommend us some
of your favorite bookstores? we shall write a thank you in the form of the
recommendation next to the bookstore you recommend.. and if you have a website
we can even link it.. anyway, you can help us here, or send us an email
check out the site.. recommend a bookstore or just tell us what you think of it..
maybe some of you could find it useful (although it’s still a site that needs to be
built up a bit)

thank you in advance!