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Border crossing between Italy and Slovenia
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Hi, we will be travelling from Venice to Lake Bohinj in December. We can only leave from Venice after 20h00, so we plan to travel from Venice to Gorizia by train, sleep in Gorizia or Nova Gorica and continue the journey the next day. If we take a taxi from Gorizia train station to a hotel on the Slovenian side, do we have to go through some sort of border control, or is the border “open” due to the fact that Slovenia and Italy are both Schengen countries?

Also, when returning to Italy from Kranjska Gora, what form of transport is available between Kransjka Gora and Tarvisio?

Thanks very much!

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This pasted from the FAQ’s on Slovenian tourism website:

Slovenia is in the Schengen Zone, meaning that at the border crossings with Italy, Austria and Hungary there are generally no controls. To enter Slovenia from Croatia, a passport or ID is sufficient if your visit will not last more than three months.
The border crossing booths have been removed on the highways, so I think it’s extremely unlikely — though always remotely possible — that there will be an exception to “generally” on the day you’re there.

You can take the train between Jesenice and Tarvisio, although some routings are fairly complicated and take 5 or 6 hours. There’s at least one option that takes 3 hours and has 2 connections, including the final leg by bus. You should be able to get to from Kranjska Gora and Jeneice by what used to be referred to as the “tourist bus” in summer. Veolia bus line may also be an option: http://www.veolia-tr…