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BOS-EDI, through DUB, enough time?
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Hi all. I’m looking to go from Boston to Edinburgh 7/14 through 7/18. My dates are pretty firm. The cheapest I’ve seen is if I go BOS-DUB on Aer Lingus and then DUB-EDI on Ryan Air. The total fare would work out to about $1120. I’ll just take carry on, so I shouldn’t have to pay any additional fees with Ryan Air.

Booking the flight straight through BOS-EDI (avoiding the Ryan Air leg) works out to about $1200-$1300, depending on how picky I am about flight times and connections.

So aside from the little cost savings, the additional pull to the Ryan Air flight is that I’d be meeting up with a group of friends on the Ryan Air flight from DUB-EDI, and then spending the weekend with them.

My question really is: the Aer Lingus flight gets in at 5:20 and the Ryan Air flight leaves at 6:35. I’ll only have carry on, so if everything goes as planned, I should have enough time. But if I miss that flight, it’s going to be a big delay, and probably big bucks for catching the later Ryan Air flight. So, I’m wondering if anyone knows about a resource for finding out how frequently particular flights are delayed, etc. Thanks…

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I would want to avoid trying to connect to a low-cost airline on my own—unless the savings were quite significant.

Travelocity found BOS-EDI r/t for $902 total with taxes using your dates, with American.