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hey, all!  I already posted in the packing section, but thought some folks in here might have some other thoughts…  On our trip (May-June: England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy) we are trying to be as cheap, but smart as possible.  We have already looked into numerous hostels in all locations, but we would totally be up for camping, too.  I know at many campings they have semi-permanent tents or other structures for rents, but I also know there could be the possibility of acutally pitching a tent.  This could be done at official camp sites and (as I’ve read) sometimes on private property…or in the wild of sorts, depending on the area.  I am trying to figure out how feasible this is.  Would you all consider taking a small tent?  And- even if we don’t take a tent, i know sleep sheets are reccomended, but have any of you ever taken small, lightweight sleeping bags to camp and/or use at hostels? 

Just hoping to figure out the cheapest and best way to sleep.  I would prefer to not commit to ONLY hostels, but I don’t know if in May we would be able to tent-camp in France/Switzerland without needing a sleeping bag.  Thanks for any words of wisdom on this one!

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Know I just replied elsewhere, but this forum needs some love too haha.
I’ll also say that I think camping in Europe is gonna be a lot like camping in America (or wherever you’re from).  Except in specific areas (and for a fee), it’s probably illegal.  But does that keep an enterprising and candid camper away?  Nay!  Scout some areas during a hike, maybe even set up camp right then and there…but keep it really low-key if you do.  Don’t want someone stealing your spot (or stealing your stuff!).  Then help keep the chances for future campers alive by not making campfires, following Leave No Trace procedures, etc.  My hunch is that, while discouraged, low-key camping is completely possible.  Be prepared, and just give it a go!

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Anyone else done any camping while taking the train for most of your transportation?  We are hoping to camp for most of our trip around western europe and hoping some others have had some helpful tips or experiences to share!