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Camping/cheap accommodation
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This is from the Town council of Pamplona. Most of the camping is full by late on the 4th or by the 5th. You can reserve camp spaces. I believe there is a bus that goes there a few times a day. But nothing late at night. So if you miss the bus you will either have to stay up all night or find another way back to your camp site.

It can get pretty chilly at night down into the 50’s so make sure you have a warm bag. It can also rain a few days during the fiesta. so a tent would be good as well.

If you want accommodation right in the center check out my website at www.pamplonaadventur…

A cheap alternative could be to go to a camping. The problem is that they
are fairly far out of town. There is a good camp site, Camping Ezcaba (Ctra.
Irun, Km. 7/Tel. 948 33 03 15/33 16 65) at Eusa. But if you are planning to
hit the bottle during the Fiesta it’s not a good idea to drive to and from
there. There is a fixed rate to the Camping Ezkaba: 12 € with no charge for
the parcel. But when you get to Pamplona you have the added problem of
finding a place to park. In fact what sometimes happens is, many visitors
stay put there and do their own thing during the Fiesta without coming into
Pamplona. It’s probably good fun but at the same time it’s a pity to miss
out on the show going on in town, especially after having travelled so far.
Other campings even further out are the: Camping Errota-El Molino (in
Mendigorria), Camping Lizarra (in Lizarra-Estella) and Camping Aralar (in
Cheap accommodation inside of pamplona is usually further out in the suburbs of pamplona. Make sure you know where they are before you send or give people any money. Some of these places aren’t bad they are in the modern areas and the buses are good and run all night. personally it is a big hassle for me when I am ready to crash to try and get home when it is 20-30 minutes away.

You can also check at the trian staions and bus stations there is people there looking to rent a room in their house. If you are comfrotable staying in strnager house with them for the night you should possibly be able to find a place for the night or two. Don’t give them any money until you see the house and know where you are.

If you are young and traveling light this can be a solution as oppssed to sleeping in the park (whcih I don’t recommend at all) If you are in for just the night get a locker and stah your stuff, don’t keep anything of value on your person. The pickpockets are wicked. Sleep in open areas the more public the better. Sleep in groups. DO NOT KEEP ANYTHING OF VALUE ON YOUR PERSON. Last year some of my friend woke to having had their pants slit open and every cent gone. That goes for putting it at the bottom of your sleeping bag since they will slit the end of your bag as well.

Have fun out there the begining of the fiesta will be very crowded and the pickpockets come from all over to work this fiesta.