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Changes to Working Holiday Visas
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Not sure if this has been posted, but FYI everyone:

Date: 08 February 2005

Working holidaymaker scheme changes
As part of the UK Government’s five year strategy for immigration and asylum announced today, there will be changes to the Working Holidaymaker scheme from 8 February.

The main changes are that a working holidaymaker:

intends only to take employment incidental to a holiday, and not to engage in business, or to provide services as a professional sportsperson

in any event not to work for more than 12 months during their stay; and

is a national or citizen of a Commonwealth country, except for Lesotho, or a British Overseas Citizen; a British Overseas Territories Citizen; or a British National (Overseas);

may switch into employment only in the following categories: Innovators, Highly Skilled Migrant Programme or Work Permit employment, if the occupation is on the list of designated shortage occupations maintained by Work Permits (UK).

The Working holiday visa requirements are:

Open to Commonwealth citizens between 17 and 30 who meet the visa requirements

Issued for a maximum stay of two years in the UK

Only issued once. You are not permitted to apply for a second working holiday visa.

Who will this affect?

The changes will affect all applications, including those made before 8 Feb 2005 which have not yet been decided. Those who applied before 8 Feb 2005 and have not received a decision will be allowed to choose to have their application decided under the new requirements, or to withdraw their application and receive a refund of the application fee.