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Cheap Accomodations in Venezia, Italy
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I am looking for cheap accomodations in Venice. I have been reading that it is expensive to stay in Venice. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions of good/cheap places to stay???

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We stayed on Lido when we went to Venice. Lido is an island outside of Venice. There is a fairy going to it pretty regularly. The pain was we had to take fairy for about 30 minutes and then bus on Lido for another 15 minutes or so. With all the transfers we lost quite some time. But it was fairly inexpensive as I recall (if you insist I can pull old records and look it up). It was a B&B and the guy was awesome – breakfast was good, he was nice, room was pretty decent, etc.
And the beach on Lido was kick@ss… huge, empty, full of seashells… I wanna go back some day. One of the very few places in Italy I would go back to. —— Tim

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