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Cheap, alternative route to Greece?
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I am getting married this summer and am trying to organize a honeymoon to Greece, checking out Athens but primarily the Islands.   I have been watching fares for months and there has been almost no movement from $1000 or more per ticket for RT to Athens from JFK.  We would ideally leave on 6/2/08 and would like to stay about 12-14 days.  I have now begun hunting for a
lternative routes, perhaps into Turkey then ferry or local flight, etc…..but I have not had any luck either.  Any ideas?  Any other suggestions perhaps on how to approach this trip?  I want this to be spectacular but the economy, weak dollar and killer fares and making it hard to plan anything.  


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Have you tried the strategies and sources in our new user thread?

Greeceflights also has good strategies.

With ITA… From NYC, cheapest I see is $1144. If you could go from PHL, I see $944 (each).

Try Bookingbuddy to see if you turn up something cheaper.

If you want to price a 2 ticket method (via another, cheaper airport) then cheapest ITA turned up are ZRH (840), BUD (683), DUS (666), DUB (667), PAR (699), Belfast (699), SNN (613). Not all of these will have inexpensive air service to Greece; check here http://www.whichbudg… to see which ones do. And even if they do, it might not be worth it vs. the cheapest ticket you find otherwise (with Bookingbuddy, for example).

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One more to add to that is Zoom, which flies JFK-LGW, on, for example, June 2-16 for $599 total. I would not consider Zoom reliable enough to book a flight to Greece on the same day as arrival (but I probably would not do that with any airline).
I think taking a cheap flight to Europe followed by budget flights to/from Greece could work well, provided you have an interest in spending some time in the city in which you land. If you only want Greece on this trip, it wouldn’t be worth it.
Also note if you are interested, EasyJet has not yet loaded their June flights from London to Greece.