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Cliffs of Dover
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I’ll be in London soon for a few days and I’ve always wanted to see the “White Cliffs of Dover”. I checked out Google and it looks like the cliffs are about 80 miles from the city…anyone know how I would get there (ie. what train?) and what I could do once there? I mean, do they have boats or ferries so I could see it from the water, or would I just be able to get a view from atop the cliff?

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The best way to see the white cliffs is to take a boat trip, I don’t recall ever seeing any small boat operators doing just this in Dover when I have passed through, but then I was really looking for that, my suggestion is to take the train to Dover and then catch the ferry over to France, the ferry journey is about a hour and 45 minutes (been a few years since I have done the journey), ferries are running every hour, I can recall one of the ferry companies been P&O and I think Stena Line was another. Anyway a good day trip on a fine day.

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I guess a train to Folkstone or Dover would do the trick, leaving from Waterloo (I think).
I drive to France a lot and know Dover well (well the ferry port).  I don’t know of any pleasure cruises that show you the cliffs, but if there aren’t (and I’m not saying there aren’t any) why not jump a fast ferry to France and see the view from that.  The crossing time is only an hour so you’ll be back in blighty less than three hours after leaving.  Also by doing that you’ll get two chances to get a good pic of them.