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College Guys - Please Help with Itinerary Options!
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My brother and I are finishing college and going straight to Europe for a month. We have most of the trip planned out, but aren’t sure how to spend the last week of it.

Our trip for the first 3 weeks: Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice, Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels

After Brussels, we’re trying to decide whether to go north to UK (London, maybe Edinburgh) or south (Paris, maybe Nice). We will end up in Barcelona and are flying from there. Not worried about transportation so much – we will fly from UK to Barcelona to then fly back to USA, or we will fly from Paris to either Nice or Barcelona and then head home.

Any suggestions on which is better for 2 college-aged guys? London/Scotland or Paris/Nice? Are these even feasible?

Any other suggestions on how to improve our itinerary are also appreciated!


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Twining, how about you try out Eurotrip’s trip-planning feature? See “Eurotrips” at the top left of the page. It can help with feasibility.

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I would suggest London over Paris. I’ve been to both , and in my opinion you will have a better time in London. No knock on Paris though , it’s great. Also , I don’t know if you have a specific reason for going to Brussels , but there really isn’t a whole lot going on in the city. There is Delerium , which has the best selection of beers in the world ( over 2000 I believe ) but from what I heard from other backpackers , Bruges was a better destination. Just something to think about. Hope the information helps and enjoy your trip!

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