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Critique my 2 week Europe travel plans please!
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Hello, my wife and I are planning our honeymoon to Europe. We only have 2 weeks, and as newlyweds, we are on a limited budget. Can I get some advice on which cities are best to fly into and out of? We both have passports, will we need visas for any of the countries we are traveling to?

Here are the cities we have initially come up with that we would like to visit:

London, Paris, Salzburg, Rome and Venice.

Our goals of the trip are to see a lot of the typical touristy place such as the Eiffel tower, the Colosseum, the popular art museums etc… We are also interested in getting out of the touristy areas a bit if possible. Since we are on a budget, we plan on staying in Hostels, sleeping on the train during travel if possible, and using public transportation.

Could we see all of these sites comfortably in 2 weeks? If not, what would you recommend.

Also, feel free to express your opinions even if they are totally different than my plans above. I want this to be a great experience. If you have 2 week trip itinerary’s that has been successful, please let me know! Thanks!

I would like to received the “no brainer” advice as well as the small advice that you learn through experience. Thanks!

I am leaving from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and traveling for 13 days
London, Paris, Salzburg, Venice, Rome, Prague
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Visas: Are you US citizens? If so you won’t need visas for a stay of less than 90 days almost anywhere in Europe. Only exceptions I can think of are Russia and Belarus. Turkey may still require a visa, but that’s easy to get on arrival in Turkey. There’s a visa checking tool pinned to the top of the “Cheap Flights” forum.

2 week feasibility: Does your 12 days include flights to/from US? If so, you’ve only got 9 1/2 days on the ground in Europe and, IMO your trip is way too rushed. Spend a little time plotting this out with the train schedules at: Http://reiseauskunft… and a calendar. Plan average of 3 days per city and for 12 days I would try to limit to a total of 2 (max 3) overnight trains and intra-Europe flights. If you have 12 full days in Europe you might be able to handle 5 cities that are relatively close together. I see two options based on your interests: Option 1, Save Italy for your next trip (when you can spend 10 days there) and concentrate on London, Paris, Amsterdam and add somewhere else (the Rhine Valley, another stop in France, Brugges, Belgium) in Northern Europe. Option 2 would be to spend the time in Italy. Plan Rome, Venice, Florence and a less urban stop like Cinque Terre, time in Tuscany or perhaps a single stop in Switzerland or Southern France.