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Dallas to Berlin
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I am trying to get from Dallas to Berlin this June. I have searched with all the flight finders I have seen, including the ones from the sticky in this forum.

The cheapest I am coming up with is ~$1200, which was from ITA I believe.

Can anyone give me advice on ways to reduce cost? My travel time is flexible, leaving sometime in June and staying for 21 days or so.

I am new to all this, so I don’t know the best places to look for flying into and then taking a inter-Europe flight or train, or domestic flights to take first, etc.

I am a student, and checked STA travel which gave roughly equivalent prices. Like I said, my dates are flexible, but I was considering leaving on June 10th and returning July 1st. I can’t leave any earlier than June 8th, however.

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Yeah, I tried ITA for you too with DFW;DAL;AUS;OKC;SHV and only see anything under $800 if departing May25 or sooner. Every other gateway airport in Europe shows up over $1000 around your dates.

This says there should be some $850s to Switzerland around your outbound date > http://www.farecompa… — Be sure to sign up for sale alerts there. With outbound before mid-June, I think this is your best bet.