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Designing a Messanger Bag: Does Color=Tourist?
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Hey everyone,

So I’m selecting gear for my upcoming backpacking tour around Europe. I found a messenger bag that I’m going to be using as a daypack for my netbook, camera, jacket, snack, etc. I’ve decided on creating my own small laptop messenger bag from http://www.timbuk2.c…

I was designing the bag primarily with greys / blacks but wanted one panel to be the Spinach green color. I was wondering if this bit of slight flashy color will make me standout as more of a tourist. I’ve read that many Europeans tend to dress in dark colors or earth tones. I’ve planned my cloths around this and am wondering if I should follow a similar theme for my daypack or if it tends to be in the culture to be a bit more eccentric with accessories.

Thanks as always, I appreciate your responses!

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