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June 24th- July 17th

London, United Kingdom (starting here)
Amsterdam, Netherlands – 3 days (Leeuwarden, Amsterdam, Leiden) – train
Berlin, Germany -2 days – train
Prague, Czech Republic – 3 days – train
Vienna, Austria – 2 days – train
Zlatni Rate- Brac, Croatia- 3 days – train
Venice, Italy – 2 days – train
Rome, Italy – 2 days – train
Florence, Italy- 2 days – train

Then from Florence, Italy planning to fly back to London or take the train- any suggestions?
Also what do you guys think of this plan? Are there amazing places ive missed out and need to see or places i should take out completely?

And do you suggest that we book hostels, and our train tickets to all these places now or when we go there just do it then?? Im finding it difficult to decide this.

Budget : $3000

I am leaving from London with $3000 for 20 days
Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Zagreb, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Venice, Rome, Florence
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It’s a 23-25.5 hour train ride from Florence to London, and it’s a 2hr and 10 min, 103 euro flight, take your pick lol.

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I am leaving from Toronto with $2500 for 22 days
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It seems a bit rushed with so many two day stops. I’d be tempted to drop a city and slow down. Is Vienna a really important stop for you?