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Driving suggestions wanted for Italy-France-Switzerland
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Hi people!

My wife and I plan to visit Italy, Switzerland, and France for 2 weeks in mid-May 09 (check it out here http://www.eurotrip….). This is our first time to Europe and we may not be going to Europe again for a while so want to pack in as much as possible. Here is the proposal (I have a close friend in Geneva so that’s a must).

-3 nights in Rome (train to florence)
-1 night in Florence (train to Venice)
-2 nights in Venice (drive to Monaco)
-1 night in Monaco (drive to Geneva)
-2 nights in Geneva (drive to Interlaken)
-1 night in Interlakin (drive to Geneva and train to Paris)
-3 nights in Paris

I need help on the following:
-what do you think of the plan? what should I add or remove?
-if I wanted to add 1 extra night where should I add?
-the wife and I drove from north to south Turkey and LOVED it… so we like to drive 4-6 hours in a day it allows us to stop wherever, eat, explore, take pictures, etc. If we had the option of driving around which of the above segments would you recommend as the best drives?


I am leaving from Doha, Qatar with $4000 for 14 days
Rome, Florence, Venice, Monaco, Geneva, Paris
Requesting help with Transport, Budget, Itinerary, Nightlife, Sights