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Early flight out of BCN - what to do?
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I hope this falls under the right topic, but I have a question regarding an early flight (7 AM) out of Barcelona and where I (and my boyfriend) should stay the night before.

Is it worth it to stay at a hotel that is very close to the airport (but pricey) or should I stay at a hostel instead, and take a taxi? My only concern about the hostel is that I’m not sure if I will be able to check out early enough (to get to the airport 2 hrs before my flight). Any advice? Anyone else been in this situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am leaving from Orlando, FL with $1500 for 11 days
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As you’ve already figured out, there don’t appear to be regular trains or buses that will get you to the airport in time for check-in. However, there is a “night bus” that might help:…

There are several airport hotels, but I did not find one attached to the airport or that looks to be walkable to the terminal, so you’d be relying on an airport shuttle.… Make sure the shuttle runs early enough to get you to the airport. The flight crew will be staying somewhere, so there’s got to be an option that will work, but it may involve taxi or private transfer which really isn’t any better than taxi from town. The hotels don’t appear to be expensive by hotel standards, but it’s still a lot more than a hostel.

Some hostels have 24 hour reception and some will otherwise accommodate an early check-out. E-mail any property you are interested in and ask. Taxi will be around 25 euros, so not a bad option.