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That’s what it says in this forum’s description so I’ll post my question here Smile

I saw on another thread that someone said it would cost somewhere between 20-60 euros a day to travel in Europe. I was wondering how much of that is on food? I have the option of staying with people so I don’t have to pay for a hotel/hostel, but I won’t ask them to feed me I’d like to know a ballpark of what I should expect. I guess my best bet would be to go the grocery route (I suppose if they feed me, I could give them some money, or chip in on their groceries), I’m rather thrifty so I think I could pull off doing this cheaply (I lived off $60 worth of food the past month heh).

On that note, the places with these people I know are Finland, Germany, Greece and that might help with estimating cost.
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On average, I think it will cost you about 15 Euro a day for food, assuming you limit what you eat (Doner Kebaps!) and shop at grocery stores.

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if you are going to Kyiv(Ukraine) forget about restaurants and cafes, the cheapest places to eat in Kyiv are canteens. They serve Ukrainian food wich is very tasty and absolutely healthy)and though you will not seat on a beautiful sofa you will surely appreciate the simplicity and friednliness of these placesWink

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Joining in this thread:

Does anyone know how food prices change in different countries? Are there any food-expensive countries?

I am leaving from Mexico with $3000 for 30 days
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For the most part, ALL of Western Europe is expensive for food compared to what you pay in Mexico. or even US. The “Big Mac Index” will give you an idea of relative prices… http://www.economist… I think pricing compared to the US has changed a little (Euro zone is closer to US price) since January. You’ll see that “Euro area” (countries using the Euro) and the countries in Western Europe that don’t use the Euro (UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia) are among the most expensive. Some countries in Eastern Europe are among the cheapest.