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Europe in May for 25 days
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Hey guys

My fiance and I have just booked 3 weeks in europe from mid May and we’re looking for some help / feedback on a possible itinerary.

We’ve both travelled fairly extensively but have had limited travels thorugh europe. We’re looking at drafting an itinerary which gives us some city time, some countryside /water and hopefully immerse ourselves in some local culture.

We’re both conscius of not cramming in destinations as we actually need a holiday and are wanting to enjoy the places we go to.

We’re pretty keen to spend a week in PAris – so that basically leaves us with 2 weeks which is where the confusion begins!

One Option: – Fly or train or drive (most likely drive with an overnight sto along the way) to Bordeaux and stay for 4 days – Drive to San Sebastian and use this as base and stay for 10 days

Option Two – Drive from Paris to south of france (thinking marseille perhaps with an overnight stop along the way) stay in marseille for a week – Fly from Marseille to Pisa – Get to Cinque Terra and stay for a week

I know the combinations are endless, but is there any general highlights from mid-May to early June?

Also is driving daunting or okay?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Option 2 comments:

Why Marseilles? The food and wine are great, there’s a very diverse culture, and there are some interesting museums, but I think there are much better places than one of the world’s busiest freight ports to use as a base for this part of France.

I would take the train to Nice (or Marseilles) and then rent a car after you got there. Explore the Riviera (train has some advantages along the coast, but it’s also great to drive) and Provence (much easier by car than public transportation). I would stay in one of the smaller locales along the coast (Antibes, Ville Franche sur Mer, St. Laurent du Var) or in one of the tiny medieval villages “above” the Riviera (La Gaude, Vence, St. Paul, St Jeannet) and explore the various beaches (all different), Impressionists studios and small museums, and a number of the small towns by car. If you’re on the coast, taking the train to Marseilles for a day trip would avoid the freeway and big city driving, but you could do that by car, too. If you have ANY interest in art, do not miss the Matisse Chapel.

Driving in this area is daunting. Narrow, curvy mountain roads and ultra aggressive French drivers. I know of nothing close to comparable in the US — but it was a great way to get around. I did not like the urban freeway aspect of the toll roads along the coast, but it was like driving in any big urban area. I assume you have a hefty budget? Driving for 2 of you will be quite a bit more costly than the train. I would not rent the cheapest subcompact — get something with enough power to handle the mountain roads.

Flight to Cinque Terre makes sense as the train options aren’t great. You could also drive it, but renting another car in Italy if you want will probably be cheaper than the additional charges for 2 countries and the expense of rent-in-one-country/drop-off-in-another.

I would cut a couple of days from your week in Cinque Terre and add it to the South of France, but there are plenty of places in Italy you could explore in those days, too.

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