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eurotrip 2012 itinerary needs help
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I will be travelling to Europe on March 27 to April 21 starting from UK. Here’s my itinerary:
March 27 8am arrival at London heathrow
March 27 1pm departure to Edinburgh at LHW thru BMI
March 29 departure from EDI back to LHW
April 1 9am departure to Paris thru Eurostar
April 4 12noon departure to Rome thru budget airline
April 6-8 days for Venice, Milan and if possible Pisa
April 9 departure to Chamonix thru SAT bus will arrive in chamomix around 1pm
April 11 departure to Lauterbrunnen
April 13 to Zurich then Budapest (stays few hours in Zurich) but my problem is getting to Budapest.
April 14 arrival in Budapest
April 15 night train to Krakow
April 17 to Prague
April 19-20 Germany
April 21 amsterdam to Bruselles then back to London
April 22 back to Dubai from LHW

I need your suggestion and comments regarding my itinerary and also for hostels if u know any good acomodation….
Thanks a lot….

I am leaving from Dubai with $2000 for 26 days
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Have you looked at the “trip feasibility” feature on your Eurotrip Trip Planner?
I am not one of those people who says nobody should ever cram their trip, but from beginning to end you have way, way too much travel time.
Just about every single leg of your trip is at best, difficult, but April 6-8 and April 21-22 are especially problematic. Venice, Milan and Pisa in two days? Amsterdam to Brussels to London and then back to Dubai? And then there is your April 14 arrival in Budapest, and the very next day, your departure for Krakow. Why bother going to either one if all you will see is a train station or airport?
You don’t need more than 2 days in Venice, and you could probably just skip Milan unless it is very important to you.
I suggest you skip other destinations, as well. You simply have too much going on, with no sightseeing or down time.

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One side of me (and I AM one of those people who routinely suggests a slower pace) agrees with Cil. Just reading the itinerary was exhausting. If you aren’t totally rested when you Start this, you’re probably going to get sick at some point. Hopefully you can stave off physical illness until you’ve got time and inclination to sleep it off on the beach in Dubai.

The other side, sees that Chemron’s gone to the effort to plan this out and KNOWS 1/4 to 1/2 of all waking time will be spent en route to airports and train stations, in airports and train stations, on airplanes and trains, dealing with tomorrow’s travel logistics, getting oriented in a new city, and packing, unpacking and dealing with getting settled in new digs. I still think it will be stressful and physically and emotionally exhausting enough to actually result in illness, but if that’s what you want, “GO FOR IT.”

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I have to agree — the pace is craaazy. But if you know what you’re getting yourself in to, ok then. But I also think that nobody really knows what they are getting into until you are there. If this is not your first trip, and you know the deal, then good for you. But, if you haven’t traveled that much yet, you may be in for a surprise. At lease be open to slowing it down.

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